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Monday, May 19, 2008

"The Overview of the Ranch"

This photo, taken from the South East marker of our property shows you just how vast this piece of land is. As you look along the left side of this photo, you'll notice a little white spot by the road that travels left to right. That little white dot is our 27 foot motorhome parked down there.

The altitude down there is 5,680' ASL, and where I took this photo it is 5,820' ASL. As you can imagine, at almost 6,000' above sea level, we are subject to quite a lot of snow in winter.

The climate can vary from just into the 100's in summer to -0.6 degrees (which was our record low) in winter; yeah, that's zero point six degrees Fahrenheit!!! The thing is; once you pass 32 degrees fahrenheit, which is freezing, you really don't feel any colder, unless the wind blows.

We have a monsoon season during July and August each year when we are subject to most of our rainfall. During our first monsoon season in 2006, we were averaging one thunderstorm and lotsa rain almost every single day for about 8-10 weeks. That was exciting because we hadn't yet completed our landscaping and drainage plans. I spent many an afternoon, in torential rain, digging ditches with a mattock in order to divert the run-off from flooding my workshop. Since then we've added stem-walls and french-drains to divert the water. As you can see by the photo, we are on the western slope (the weather side) of the Juniper Mountains and there's tremendous run-off and risk of flash flooding. We have diversion ditches dug in a "V" formation, just East of the buildings to redirect the run-off the mountain away from flooding the house, workshop and barn. Those ditches have filled and almost overflowed during the 'monsoon' season.

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