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The Animals at Hog Heaven

This is a slideshow showing all the animals that visit the ranch. Form time to time, I'll be adding more slides.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Squirrel Family has grown!

The other day, I spotted a baby squirrel down in the large dead tree beside the barn. It was not much bigger than a chipmunk yet was an exact duplicate for Sammy.
Joanne spotted them just off the patio yesterday and also caught sight of one peeking around the corner of the solar power shed.
This morning just before breakfast; while I was in my office checking my emails, Joanne called me to the kitchen and asked me to bring my camera.
This is what we saw: These cinder blocks are 8"x8"x16" so you can see, these little fellows are not much bigger than about 5" without counting the tail.
Hoping against all odds that Momma would get into the scene as well so I could take a photo for comparison of size. My wish was granted and for an extra bonus, a Lark Sparrow also jumped into the shot, just for good measure.
Spring has indeed sprung at Hog Heaven!

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